The 14 Types of Exercises for the Desk-Bound Office Person

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In the old days, the word – work – actually means manual labor that requires blood, tears, and sweat. However, in this modern era, workers are most likely to be seen glued to their seats for long hours.

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re viewing this at your computer while sitting in that comfortable chair – but we suggest, you might want to stand up. According to experts, seating and being idle for hours especially at work could be bad for us like other vices such as alcohol and smoking – why?

Modern society is unfortunately engineered for sitting and as a result, workers spend more time off their feet than ever before and cause different health issues like difficulty in burning calories, obesity, chronic diseases, and so on. In this article, prepped yourself up with these top X “desk exercises” that will keep you away from sedentary lifestyle’s health risks.

For Cardio

1. The Stair master

If you want to avoid awkward elevator small talk, why not take the stairs? This simple exercise is great for elevating your heart rate and improving your legs.

2. The victorious split squat jumps

Turn every “Thanks-god-its-Friday” into a couple of split squat jumps to celebrate it. This exercise will help you strengthen your legs and feet.

3. The Twinkle toe

In this exercise you don’t need to stand up, you can easily tap your toes on the floor under your desks.

4. Slog and jog

During your work time, take a mini break and do a stationary job instead of a non-stop slow walking. Stand up and job in place – repeat and pick up those knees.

5. The cubicle wanderer

Chatting or emailing co-workers if you need someone is overrated. Instead, you should take a walk to their cubicles, welcome new employees, and talk to your manager (if you need to) doors down.

For Legs and Butt

6. The last man standing

Aforementioned, sitting for hours is linked to several health risks, so try to stand whenever you can.

7. The wall sits

You can do this by standing while keeping your back against the wall and then bending the knees, sliding down your back, until your lower area is parallel to the floor.

8. The seated leg raiser

In this way, you can tone your legs without anyone noticing it. Performing 3 repetitions for about 3 seconds on each leg will surely strengthen your thing and leg muscle.

For Shoulder and Arms

9. The wall push-ups

If you have time to spare before taking a call or sending lazy emails, then stand up and do wall push-ups. The more you stand, the more your energy level will increase. Just place your hands on the wall, and make sure that your shoulder is width apart. Bend your elbows and use your arm to push towards it.

10. The Shrugging shoulders

If you want to avoid potential pains and aches around your back, then experts suggest keeping your back moving. You can do this by simply, shrugging off your shoulders.

For Chest, Back, and Neck

11. The pencil pinch

Try to hold the pencil between your shoulder blades until they are pinched together. Hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, slowly release it, and do this for 12-15 repetitions.

12. The head turner

This exercise is the simplest yet effective ways to reduce stress at work. Turn your head left and right while holding the stretch for 15-30 seconds until your shoulder and neck feel the tension, and then eventually repeat it with the other side.

For Core

13. The wheelie chair

Everyone wants to play with their chair, so while seated, you can do this exercise by positioning body at the length of your arm from a table or desk and then grasps or pull the edge using your hands. Raise your feel slowly off the floor and pull using your arms until the seat rolls on the edge of the desk.

14. The fab abs squeeze

By simply taking a deep breath, tighten the abdominal muscles, and then exhaling is the easiest way to squeeze those hidden abs. Keep it squeezed for about 5-10 seconds and then release, you can repeat it for 12 to 15 repetitions.


Keeping your body active is the key to balancing your life and work. So, stand up and do some of these easy and simple exercise that is specially designed for desk-bound persons now and be surprised with the outcome.

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