How to Increase Productivity in the Office & Get Work Done Without Burning Longer Hours

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According to research, if employees are happy they will tend to be more productive as much as 20% – on the other hand, unhappy workers will most likely to be unproductive and costly.  In reality, people have to work, so it is important to be comfortable and content in your workplace where you spend most of your time. There are many factors that could affect the employee’s enthusiasm including the office or environment, breaks, boss’s attitude, and so on.

If you’re looking for some tips to make you feel happier at work – lucky for you because in this article, let’s tackle some of the proven changes and ways that will surely increase your job satisfaction and boost your working happiness.

Tip #1: Personalize and optimize your office space

There is a strong link between the employee’s happiness or satisfaction and the layout of the office. According to research, well-organized desks, windows, and floor-to-ceiling designs has been shown to boost productivity in the workplace. A roomy office will allow staffs to do different activities like stretching, encourages interaction among employees, and strengthen relationships.

You should also decorate your office with few personal items like pictures, a vase of fresh flowers, and so on. Keep in mind that, optimizing your office space is the first step to boost your working happiness and productivity.

Tip #2: Focus on the strengths

Every employee must concentrate on their strengths and how can it significantly contribute to work project. They must be reminded regularly especially during the feedback sessions. In order to obtain the sense of progress and achievement, each employee’s duties and responsibilities must be based on their strengths.

Don’t forget to address their weaknesses as well, this must be seen as opportunities for acquiring skills from a comprehensive training.

Tip #3: Give praises and rewards

One of the most effective ways to boost your employee’s productivity and happiness at the workplace is by giving rewards or simple praises like “good job”. Aforementioned, during the feedback sessions, don’t just concentrate on their weakness but focus on their strengths as well. Rewarding your employees for their hard work is a contributing factor on their job satisfaction, productivity, and of course, happiness.

Tip #4: Stand up or stretch more often

Standing up more often is one of the easiest ways to improve workplace happiness. This is backed by countless studies. According to researchers, sitting has been shown to have a significant link to the development of several health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and so on.

So, try to stand up or walk for a little while to keep those nerves and muscles awake. Avoid using the elevators instead use stairs to gain extra steps in your day to keep your health in check as well.

Tip #5: Avoid sugar and Caffeine

Delicious treats offered by your co-workers sure is tempting but it could be a reason for having some issues later. Instead of eating sugary foods and caffeine-based beverages, you need to opt for healthier options like fruit, yogurt, bottled water, oatmeal, and so on. In this way, it can improve your cognition, increased energy level, therefore – make you feel happier.

Tip #6: Make friends

The fact that we spend most of our time working and some people consider the workplace as a second home – workers should feel connected and build a relationship with workers. A happy workplace boost employee’s engagement in terms of professional and emotional support. According to studies, establishing friendship at work is a vital contributing factor that influences the job satisfaction and happy work life.

Relationship and connectedness among the workplace community can affect the morale and retention of the employees as well as promote a positive corporate culture.

Tip #7: Maintain a work-life balance

Remember, all work and no play isn’t going to help you become happy at your workplace and thus, throughout your life. If you’re working long hours every day, try to loosen up. Spend time with your friends and family on your day off or during weekends.


Doing the same task day in and day out could be tiring and energy-draining, so you should try to change things a bit in order to make you feel more satisfied on all the things you have accomplished throughout the day.

The only way to a great work is to love what you do – that is the key to a happy work life.

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